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Cookies Policy


Last Updated: July 9th 2021

Best English Jobs in China (BEJIC) ("us", "we", or "our") uses cookies on this Website ( and affiliated websites (collectively the "Site"). Our Cookie Policy defines what cookies are, how this Website uses cookies, how our third-party partners may use cookies on the Site, and your choices and rights regarding the cookies used by BEJIC and our affiliated partners. BEJIC asks that you please review this Cookie Policy along with our Privacy Policy, which sets out additional details on how we use members’ personal data and information and your various rights with respect to cookies and privacy.


What are cookies

Cookies are small text files websites and web browsers store on your electronic device during your visit to their site. A cookie file is stored on your device and allows us or third-parties to recognize you as a user and ensure your future visits to the website are easier and more advantageous to you. Cookies effectively operate as a member’s identification card for the BEJIC servers. BEJIC uses cookies to track your use of our website and related functionalities. Cookies allow BEJIC to improve our services, solve issues, aggregate member statistics, improve members’ experience and ensure that experience is customized based on member preference. 

Cookies can be "persistent" or "session" cookies.

Session cookies: These are designed to accumulate information and store while a user is in use of a website. These cookies are no longer stored upon a user’s device once a website session has ended or when a user has closed the web browser.

Persistent cookies: These are cookies in which data can continue to be placed on a device even after a website or web browser session has ended. These cookies can be collected and used after a web session is closed by a user or when they’ve returned to it. These cookies can be deleted by the user at any time. 


How BEJIC uses cookies

When you use and access this Website, we may store cookie files in your web browser or electronic devices. 

BEJIC uses cookies to help us recognize continued visitors to our website, the type of content or websites are linked to our website’s members, the duration each member spends on a specific page of our website, and the specific services that members utilize during their use of the Website. To the extent that cookie data integrates personal information and data, we process such data on a consensual basis with our users. 

BEJIC uses both session and persistent cookies on our website and we use different types of cookies in the operation of our website:

  • Essential cookies. These cookies are required for the proper operation of the BEJIC website. We may use essential cookies to verify BEJIC members, allow logins of members and prevent fraudulent use of member accounts, or offer access to website features. Because these cookies are necessary for the function of the website, they cannot be disabled by users. 

  • Functionality/performance cookies. This type of cookie assists in recognition of member behavior and preferences when they use the Website. This enables us to tailor our service to suit the choices you have made while using this Website. They are used to ensure your preferences are retained during each usage of our website (language, location, or username). 

  • Analytical cookies. This type of cookie enables BEJIC to monitor user traffic on the Website. They allow us to identify the number of visitors on the Website as well as which pages are being used by users. These cookies enable BEJIC to improve the way our website works.

  • Marketing cookies. This type of cookie records your visit to the BEJIC Website, the pages you have frequented, and any links you may have gone to. Our Site will use this information to make your experience relevant to your interests. Additionally, we may provide this information to our third-party partners for the purpose of tailoring advertising relevant to a user’s behavior. 

 Third-party cookies

Complementary to our own Website’s cookies, we may also utilize cookies from different third-party sites to report usage statistics of the Site and optimize our marketing efforts. These third-party tracking cookies observe member behavior during their usage of the site to build analytics on member habits and behavior. The cookies from third parties enable our partners to effectively evaluate member conversion between their various marketing channels. Additionally, these cookies display marketing conversion statistics to our third-party partners so they can personalize their marketing efforts on our website.

What are your choices regarding cookies?

The majority of web browsers accept cookies as a default setting. If it is your preference, you can designate your web browser to delete or block the storage of cookies from different websites. Users can, at any time, configure their web browsers to not accept cookies or remove installed cookies on their device. 

Members may, at any time, retract their consent of BEJIC’s cookie policy. They may do so by removing the cookies which are stored on their computer. 

Notice: If you choose to remove cookies or block the usage of cookies from our website, it may affect your ability to use certain features, services, or functionalities of the BEJIC Website during your visit. 


Changes to the Cookie Policy

BEJIC’s cookie policy may endure revisions at any time if there is a change in the cookie classifications used by the Website or if requested by relevant legal mandates. This company would suggest users examine this policy so you are effectively knowledgeable on the cookie policy and any modifications that might have taken place.  

TEIMC Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 9th 2021

BEJIC ( is owned and operated by Brennan Education Corp. ("BEJIC," "we," or "us"). We have established this Privacy Policy to define our platform’s applications regarding the collection, handling, and security of private information that is necessary for our Service. In addition, we specify your (BEJIC member) options regarding the handling and applications of that information. Capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy have the meaning given them in our Terms of Use. By using our Service, you consent to the data practices prescribed in this statement.


What Information Is Collected?

Personally, Identifiable Information (PII): We collect Personally Identifiable Information (defined in the next section) exclusively when provided by members in connection to the operations of our Service. BEJIC requests PII when you complete a school or teacher membership registration through the platform. We may also collect information during any direct communications with us (such as direct messages); we will store our own communications and may save any messages sent by members to us, through our platform as well as through any content you may publish on the Website or other platforms. 


Our third-party partners may provide additional PII about you to us. This may occur if you travel and enter the BEJIC website through links or connections from a third-party site. The information we receive from these partners may be any that you have made publicly available on a different site or which you’ve consented to be shared with BEJIC by those third-parties. 


BEJIC advises that members should regularly review privacy preferences on third-party websites and, when necessary, make adjustments to your settings prior to connecting to our platform and from third-party websites. 


Private and Personal Data and Information Definitions: 

Personally, Identifiable Information (PII): This constitutes information that is able to directly identify an individual. This information includes items such as a first and last name, email address, phone number, government identification number, physical address, or other contact information. 


Personal Payment Plan: In the case of using features of the BEJIC platform which require payments, members’ payment and billing details may be requested by our third-party payment managing platform. This payment information, upon your consent, may be retained and stored by the payment managing platform. Your review and agreement to this provide express consent of payment processing by said third-party payment managing platforms. 

Non-Personally Identifiable Information(N-PII): This constitutes information and data which cannot be used to directly identify you as a person. BEJIC may also collect N-PII about members during your time as registered members on the website. This information will be collected through your use and visitations to the various features of our platform. This collected N-PII will be collected through a process that will be unable to recognize your identity. Our platform may collect and handle the following classifications of N-PII. 


Cookies information: When you visit and use BEJIC, we may store cookies on your devices. These cookies allow BEJIC to recognize your specific user browser identity and allows for better navigation through our platform. Cookies are also stored to record user behavior which allows us to monitor your visits to our platform and personalize our platform to improve your user experience. You are able to remove or prevent stored cookies, but some features of our site may not function properly if you choose this option. 


For more information, visit BEJIC’s Cookie Policy Page (above)

Log file information: Typical of most websites, BEJIC utilizes Log files. Log Files are used to track and record different browser information to our platform. Our platform will automatically collect certain information and store it in these log files. This information includes but is not limited to such items as: IP addresses, internet service providers, entry and exit pages, browser program, and computer operating systems. BEJIC uses these log files to track trends in user traffic, analyze user behavior, and generate demographic information for the platform to use.  


Analytics information: We allow third-party partners to collect statistics on our platform. This data observes member traffic and behavior when in use of the features of our platform. This information includes web page visits, web browser tools and plug-ins, browser display, any other information which helps result in improvements to the BEJIC platform. Our platform may collect these analytics in conjunction with members’ PII in order to design a comprehensive outline of our registered members and enhance experience. 


Web Beacons Information: Our platform may utilize web beacons during member visits to the site. Web beacons are similar to cookies and are used for tracking member traffic on our platform. Web Beacons are inconspicuous and are used purely to verify which content users are accessing and how they are interacting with that content on the platform. BEJIC will analyze this information and use it to improve member experience on the platform. 


How Is Such Information Used?

Personally, Identifiable Information (PII): TEIMC may use the PII we collect or receive for the purpose of communication and notifications. This may come in the form of items such as direct messages or emails. These communications may cover items like updated or new platform features, event reminders, site promotions, news updates, or personal schedule notifications. We also use PII for the purpose of an efficient and secure payment process. TEIMC members will be given the option to opt out of receiving these communications or notifications. We also use PII to send communications or notifications related to platform features such as security notifications, changed to platform features, membership authentication, or changes to any platform policies or terms of service. Service emails are mandatory and members may not opt out of receiving them. 


Non-Personally Identifiable Information: We use or may use N-PII to improve your user experience. N-PII will allow us to store information which enable quicker and more efficient interactions with the platform and provide customized content and materials tailored to each respective member.  


N-PII additionally allows us to observe and analyze the efficacy of the platform and the features we offer. We are able to collect statistics on total user traffic to the site as well as individual user behavior on the platform. It enables us to tailor marketing efforts to adhere to your preferences, provide you with quick and convenient access to your own personal information. Furthermore, it allows us to conduct upkeep of the platform, ensuring all features and programs function properly and without any technical issues. 


How is the information shared? 

BEJIC will ONLY share your personal information (PII) upon receiving your consent. We will always request explicit consent from you when we need to disclose any sensitive information. Your PII will never be shared with any outside parties, third-party partners, or any other affiliates, without your consent, except in the following instances:

  • Your information will be shared with third-party affiliates if necessary for use of one or more features of the BEJIC platform (i.e. payment processing managers, email providers, etc) or to carry out work on the behalf of BEJIC. They will only be given what is necessary to facilitate that service and they will also be required to agree to the stipulations of this Privacy Policy. 

  • For the purpose of member-interaction while using the BEJIC platform. For example, any personal content you publicize to the platform, we will share in a limited manner to other LP members such as in the case of direct messages, forum interactions, or lesson agreements.

  • To comply with a request for disclosure of information in obedience to any relevant law, legal process, or government regulation

  • In the case of a merger, acquisition of the company, or sale of a portion of our company, member information like names, email address and other information is likely to be included in these kinds of events. 

  • For the purpose of protecting the security, rights, reputation, or safety of BEJIC and its members

BEJIC may share Non-Personally Identifiable Information (N-PII) using the same procedures in which we share your PII; and with any of our third-party affiliates. Collected N-PII will have all classifications of individual identification removed from the collection. This unidentifiable information may be shared with our third-party affiliates.  


Updating or Deleting Your Personal Information 

You, as BEJIC members, hold specific rights in regards to the handling of your personal information. To access, update, delete, duplicate, or store your personal information, visit the ‘Account Settings’ page when you sign in to your member account. When collection and storage of personal data requires member consent, you will always be given the option to rescind your consent for us to collect that data. If you inquire for removal of your personal information and if that information is no longer required for the features in which you engage, BEJIC will grant that request to a limited extent so that it doesn’t interfere with any contractual, legal, or business practice requirements. 

You have the right to request that we:

  • grant you access to any of the stored personal information we hold about you;

  • withhold your personal information from being used in marketing efforts;

  • amend any of your irrelevant or inaccurate personal information, or remove any of your personal information which we have stored; 

  • filter or inhibit the way we use or handle your personal information;

  • grant access to your personal information to one of our third-party affiliates; or

  • create and share a duplicate of your personal information to you. 

BEJIC will attempt to accommodate every request in a timely manner. We ask that you remain aware that residual files and storage may remain within our system and this storage may or may not retain aspects of your personal information. It is possible that certain aspects of your personal information may be an exception to these inquiries.


BEJIC employs the use of different classifications of cookies in order to collect information about its users. You can find out how and why we use cookies by reviewing our Cookie Policy here. 


Global Information Collection

Personal information collected through the BEJIC platform may be collected and handled in the United States or in any other country in which Brennan Education Corp., its affiliates or service providers operate. 


BEJIC may provide your personal information to third-party partners across international borders; from the jurisdiction of the country in which you are located to other countries. If you reside in countries or regions with laws surrounding private information usage, which may differ from U.S. law, members are asked to acknowledge that we may provide personal information to our affiliates in countries where data protection laws differ from your jurisdiction. Consenting to this Privacy Policy authorizes these transfers of information to the U.S. or other countries in which BEJIC and its third-party affiliates operate.



BEJIC registered members (instructors and schools) must be over 18 years old. People under the age of 18 must have a consenting guardian or parent register the account under the 18+ person’s name and identification. As such, BEJIC does not know knowingly request, collect, or store personal information from any persons under the age of 18. 


If you do not meet the 18 years old age limit, we ask that you do not provide or register any personal information about yourself to us or on the BEJIC platform. If we discover that any personal information from persons under the age of 18 has been collected or stored on the platform, the information will be erased from our servers in a timely manner.  Please contact us at if you believe there might be stored information about one or more persons on our platform. 


Other Web Sites and Services

This BEJIC privacy policy cannot be applied to visitation or interaction with third-party websites or services which link you to our service. This limited exception to our third-party partners which provide features and services on the TEIMC platform, who are required to comply with the stipulations of this privacy policy. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information we collect by other means (including offline) and from other sources other than through the Service.


Changes to Our Privacy Policy

BEJIC reserves the right to make alterations to this Privacy Policy at its own discretion. Members should regularly review the Privacy Policy to monitor if any changes have taken place. When content changes on this document, a ‘modify date” shall be listed on the document. We will notify all members of the changes made to the Privacy Policy. 


EU Data Subjects

This section is implemented for members who reside in the EU (for these purposes, reference to the EU also includes the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Your Rights

Subject to applicable law, you have the following rights in relation to your Personal Data:

  • Upon request, we will verify the collection and handling of your personal information. We may provide copies of that information to you upon request. These copies will be provided to you in a readable format which you can duplicate and use. 

  • You have the right to request alterations to your personal information in the case that it is lacking or incorrect. These corrections will be communicated to affiliates who possess the same information. As long as we are lawfully permitted, we may also provide contacts of third-party affiliates with whom we’ve shared your information.

  • You may retract consent to the collection of your personal information and, consequently, request the removal of your stored personal information on the platform. This information deletion will be communicated to affiliates who possess the same information.

  • Upon request, we will restrict or inhibit the handling of your personal information in such a situation which you believe warrants said restriction. This information handling restriction will be communicated to affiliates who possess the same information.

  • You may, at your discretion, object or retract consent towards our collection and handling of your personal information. This applies to any instance of process with regards to marketing activities, or when any of our third-party affiliates are collecting and using any of your data. This also applies in any instance when TEIMC requests member (your) consent to collect and process information. 

  • If concerns exist regarding this Privacy Policy or the methods by which we collect and handle personal information, you have the right to report it to authorities which are legally able to process such reports. 

If there are any concerns or questions you have, contact us at


Contacting BEJIC Corporation

If you believe that TEIMC Corporation has not operated in adherence to this Privacy Policy, please communicate your concerns to us through the email: and we will use commercially reasonable methods to find a resolution to the issue.

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